Updated Jan. 27th 2020

Warranty Policy

Effective Dec. 5th 2018- All stainless steel jewelry will have a 2 year warranty. Pendant Only and does not cover natural wear and tear. Chains will have a 30 day warranty from date of purchase. Pictures MAY be asked of you to send when you contact us along with ORDER NUMBER and FIRST AND LAST NAME. Amazon, Ebay purchases see details below.

*Website Purchases - All Stainless Steel Jewelry has a 2 year warranty for website purchases. Proof of purchase is necessary. In most cases, Full name, Order Number, PayPal Transaction ID, or Email address if paid through PayPal is enough to find your transaction. Replacements will not include a chain. Refunds can be issued if item became defective within 30 days from purchase. NO refunds after 30 days, only replacements within 2 years of purchase on manufacturing defective items only. Chains will have a 30 day warranty for replacements only.

*Ebay or Amazon purchases - As of Jan. 27th 2020, All stainless steel jewelry by Sigil of Baphomet Satanic Jewelry sold by OUR accounts will honor the 2 year warranty. Replacements, Returns, or Exchanges will be handled on a case by case basis. Chains will have a 30 day warranty for replacements only.

*In-Store Purchases - As of Jan. 27th 2020. 2 year warranty on Stainless Steel Jewelry is only honored for purchases made from Sigil of Baphomet website and relative Ebay and/or Amazon stores

If you have any questions, please email us: Xerxes@SigilofBaphomet.com 

No Proof of purchase will result in warranty not honored.

(in some cases)

Shipping Policy

*U.S. Shipments - Effective Dec. 23rd 2018, Shipping rate will include $1.65 handling fee PLUS real-time USPS.com shipping rate. All shipping rates are based on the United States Postal Service rates. Any change will be automatic if USPS makes changes to their shipping rates

*International Shipments - Shipping International can take a long time depending on the country. Please allow some time to see the tracking information to update. If you have not received anything in 30 days since purchase, please contact us. If you used PayPal, please check for tracking information in your paypal transaction. Shipping charges will include a $1.65 handling fee plus real-time United States Postal Service shipping rates (USPS.com). 


U.S. Shipments - We will investigate tracking numbers to determine if shipments are lost. We will ship a new package a SECOND TIME if it is determined that package may be lost or package is being returned at no fault of your own. This may also include cancelling the transaction and issuing a full refund.

Intenational Shipments - We will investigate tracking numbers to determine if shipments are lost. In most cases, shipments are in held in CUSTOMS and you may be asked that you continue to wait longer for delivery time. After 30 days, we can ship a new package if it is determined that package is lost. If shipment does not arrive, you MAY be asked to pay for shipping on 3rd shipments PLUS insurance to secure delivery on a 3rd attempt. We also reserve the right to refund your order in full after 2 attempts.


On returned shipments, buyers will be notified that packages came back. Shipping charges will apply to resend packages. If buyers do not pay the shipping charge, a refund will be sent, minus 15% restocking fee.

Ebay and Amazon purchases are handled based on terms of those sites.


Warranty covers only Jewelry

Sigil of Baphomet  -  Phoenix, Arizona. - Email: Xerxes@SigilofBaphomet.com